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Ecollar Essentials: Practical Ecollar Training For Professionals 2-3 May 2015

Learn. Apply. Examine. Adjust. Repeat.© Ecollar Essentials is designed to empower participants to make informed decisions about how to effectively and humanely apply ecollars in their training based on a working understanding of the potential benefits, contingencies and contraindications of the tool. Delivered in a very hands on format, Ecollar Essentials provides participants the opportunity to take what they have just learned in theory …

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A message of gratitude for the 2014 festive season.

  2014 is now quickly drawing to a close, though not before the festive season is done and dusted. I put together this quick video (after many failed takes I may add) to try and formally thank those that made our amazing 2014 possible – namely our amazing clients, the indispensable folks that make up Team CSI, and also our …

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Managing aggressive behaviour and rush attacks – Brisbane City Council

  Today’s blog relates to a news article from the Brisbane Times (see link below) and sees Brisbane City Council looking to institute what we can call a ‘half way measure’ between an attack (prosecution) and a written warning in the way that they manage aggressive dogs. We have something similar in Victoria, Australia and that’s that’s a ‘menacing dog’ …

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Live Facebook Q&A with Pets Haven Animal Shelter – November 6th 2014

    Our own Brad Griggs of Canine Services International will be doing a live Facebook Q & A session on the Pets Haven Animal Shelter Facebook page on 6th November 2014 between 7 -8PM (Melbourne daylight savings time). We were really happy to be asked, and we think it’s a terrific idea – it gives us a superb opportunity …

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Training Equipment – Lies That Cost Dogs Their Lives

Any time there is a statement that a piece of equipment like a pinch collar NEVER has a place, or an ecollar NEVER has a place, then the person or organisation making such a statement is saying they would rather kill a dog than consider the application of a device. Such a position is small minded and ethically indefensible. There …

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Oh Heather, really?


A woman named Heather decided to make a ‘hit-and-run’ post on a facebook page we support before that calls for a common sense approach to legislation, access to and use of pinch/prong collars in Australia. Heather commented: there is nothing fantastic about this barbaric tool, honestly humans can be such morons. The reply you see shared below was posted as …

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Selective Suppression For Successful Working And Performance Dogs.


When raising a sporting, service or performance dog there is a common misconception that inhibiting a dog’s expression of instinct towards one stimulus will have an unavoidable negative effect to all other expressions of that instinct. Consider that if this were true then we would have to let our dogs chase car tyres on the main road, be aggressive to …

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Partial Science Packaged As The Whole Truth And Wrapped In A Healthy Layer Of Guilt.


Positive reinforcement is only one of four options that a trainer can apply in shaping and modifying behaviour. The higher the skill and experience levels of the dog trainer, the more ability the trainer has to appropriately apply each of the 4 options  in a way that is best suited to the individual dogs temperament, and in a way that …

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Training Your Dog Can Be Cool


It’s not always easy to maintain your dog’s training in the summer heat, and this is especially so when you are working on/with performance or motivation dependant criteria in your dog. If you talk to people who actively use their dogs for working tasks such as hunting, police or service work, scent detection roles, etc. you come to realise just …

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