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Pets Haven Live Q&A |Exclusive Training Promotion 2014

    To celebrate the Live Facebook Q&A that we have just done for the Pets Haven FB fans we have decided to put together a special offer that will allow those of you out there that want a better trained, more adaptable dog to realise that goal CSI are only offering this package to our existing clients, and Pets …

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Upcoming Live Facebook Q&A with Pets Haven Animal Shelter 6th Nov. 2014

    This video is a reminder to you all that there isn’t long until our online Facebook Q&A with Pets Haven Animal Shelter. Here are the important details: Date:               Thursday 6th November 2014 Time:               7PM – 8PM Victorian time (daylight savings) Page links:       Pets …

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Failed BSL prosecution costs over $200K?


  The following is an open letter in reply to an article that appeared in The Age on 27 January 2013. A link to the article in question can be found at the base of this letter. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has proven to be throughly ineffective community safety and dog bite prevention strategy across the world, in both theory and practice. …

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Dog laws lack bite – an open letter of reply


The following letter was written as a reply to the author of a story that appeared on the website on December 17th, 2012.  There is a link to the story itself at the bottom of the article. Dear Mark, I write to you today regarding the recent article entitled ‘Dog law lacks bite’ by Mark Buttler and Mitchell Troy. …

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Dogs, Pack Behaviour And The Middle Ground


No reputable dog trainer will ever tell you that a dog is just a wolf in a gayly coloured furry coat. Equally, no dog trainer worth their salt will try and convince you that considering the evolutionary path from wolf to dog is without worth when discussing dog behaviour. There is a growing movement that claims that dogs are not …

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Training Your Dog Can Be Cool


It’s not always easy to maintain your dog’s training in the summer heat, and this is especially so when you are working on/with performance or motivation dependant criteria in your dog. If you talk to people who actively use their dogs for working tasks such as hunting, police or service work, scent detection roles, etc. you come to realise just …

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Welcome to the new website (beta version).


“Great things happening to start off 2012!”

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Clear communication and consistent leadership makes for a great relationship between you and your dog Website in 2012


We will be releasing a new website in 2012, this website will cover all basic training and obedience methods but will also have tips and tricks to help you train your dog.

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