We help people and dogs achieve more, together.

We help people and dogs achieve more, together.

Behaviour Modification & Problem Solving

Problem behaviour? We help folks like you to deal with:

Aggressive Dog Training

Aggressive Behaviour

Aggressive behaviour is natural and normal, but can get out of control…when it does, it can cause many problems, frustration and endanger your dog and others.

Anxiety Related Behaviour

We can help you manage or reduce your dog’s anxiety levels, as well as modify some of the coping strategies he uses to be less intrusive and more constructive.

Destructive Behaviour

There are many reasons a dog may be destructive - working to understand them can help reduce the damage or danger to the dog, and your home environment.

Predatory Behaviour

Chasing and even biting can be very natural and rewarding for your dog to engage in. Learning to manage and shape your dogs natural inclinations is important for his safety.

CSI Resource Guarding In Dogs

Resource Guarding

Possessive behaviour over things he values - including you - can become a real safety concern for humans and dogs alike. Work smart, work hard, turn it around!

Menacing Dogs

If your dog has been declaring as a menacing dog by the Council or Courts, we can help you work towards removing that declaration and get back to a normal life without harsh restrictions.

CSI Fearful Anxious & Timid Dogs

Fearful Or Timid Dogs

These dogs often have trouble coping with day to day life, and may even lash out at times. Learn how to help your dog to process stress and cope more effectively.

Problem Barking

Often very difficult to deal with, and the cause of many Council complaints - this can be a costly issue for owners and cause great stress.

CSI Separation Related Behaviour In Dogs

Separation Related Behaviour

Take the first step towards your dog feeling more at ease when alone using clever management and behavioural modification.

Obedience Training - All Levels, All Ages, All Breeds

Your dog, your dog training goals

Pet Dog Training

Pet Dog Training

Want your pet dog to live a rich and full life? We can help you create a more responsive and attentive dog that you'll be proud to take out and do things with.

Ultimate Family Dog

Happy responsive performance in and out of the home, stable in strange environments, and coping well with novelty and change - the ultimate family dog is created through training.

Indoor Manners

Is your dog a terrorist around the house? Let us help you reduce the friction in the household and make life easier for both you and your dog…and you’ll both reap the benefits outside the home too.

Off Leash Freedom

Most dogs are very capable of achieving kick-ass off leash performances. Enjoy your life with your dog in more places, and in more ways.

CSI Difficult To Train Dogs

Difficult To Train Dogs

Tried and failed with other trainers? Been told your dog is a dud? Given up on being able to have your dog listen to even basic commands? CSI can coach you and your dog towards success.

A reliable recall is perhaps the most important skill your dog will learn

Rock Solid Recalls

Recalls under distraction, even in a new and exciting place? It’s not rocket science - but it takes a little work and some time. Let us teach you how to inspire that type of performance from your dog.

Loose Leash Walking

Having a dog that happily walks on a loose leash, gives you plenty of attention and doesn’t trip you over…seems like a dream huh? Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think it is once you get started.

Responsive Under Distraction

Set your dog up to be a super student from the start! Learn how to motivate your dog and outcompete or overshadow the distractions life will throw at you.

Performance and Professional Dog Training

Productive Play

Teach your dog to love to play ball, tug, and a host of other games that make managing his energy much easier. Not only that, use it to build brilliant obedience p.erformances

Puppy Development & Training

Exposure Work - Preparing Dogs For Life

Set your puppy up for success

Puppy Development involves Socialisation, Habituation and Exposure Work

Environmental Exposures

Building your dog towards seeing novel things, sounds, places, surfaces, etc. as just a normal part of life is perhaps the greatest gift you’ll ever give him.

Socialisation Done Right

Socialisation with people, dogs and other animals is highly important. With some coaching this can be done in a way that avoids a host of problems later.

A Motivated Learner

Learn how to build crazy desire in your dog to work for you - happy, responsive, engaged dogs are far easier to train and learn much faster.

Build A Resilient Dog

Building a dog that copes well with stress and frustration means he’ll be best prepared to cope with life’s twists and turns.

Crazy Confidence

You want your dog to have a winner’s mindset about the way he approaches the world and his learning.

Minimise The Suck

Raising a kick-ass puppy isn’t all beer and skittles - some bits suck, but with the right coaching you can avoid or minimise the worst of it.

Temperament Evaluations & Reports

Temperament Evaluations & Reports

Dangerous & Menacing Dogs

If you are fighting a dangerous dog or menacing dog declaration, proper evaluation and reporting is often an extremely important part of a successful strategy.

Barking Dog Complaints

Appropriate evaluation and reporting are important when dealing with the barking dog complaints process where Councils become formally involved.

Courts & Tribunals

For those defending their dog’s behaviour in a Court or Tribunal setting quality temperament evaluation and reporting can become crucially important.

Council Issues

If your dog is involved in an administrative process with your local Council then proper evaluation and reporting may offer significant support to your position.

Real Estate References

Renting with a dog can be tough. We can provide formal references for dogs to put your real estate agents and landlords more at ease.


If you’re adopting a dog into your family but have some doubt about whether she'lll be a good fit, we can help you make a more informed decision.

Specialised Services

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