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💪 Nero is a proper hitter of a dog - large, strong, and very confident.

🧱 Jack and his mum are working very hard to build reliable behaviours with Nero, which they can then rely upon to use in helping Nero navigate the world he lives in.
7️⃣ Nero was only introduced to this work in the box 7 days ago….but the clicker had already been conditioned so progress has been more rapid.

👎 Nero’s previous training surrounding the drop command was pretty messy - first the dog had to sit, then he had to drop by walking his paws forward.
🏋️‍♀️ It contributed to a lot of resistance in the form of a ‘protest sit’ from Nero when told by Jack to execute a drop…so now we’re getting around that.

💥 Every week this team comes back with more work done, more time invested, and improvements to share. It’s always so pleasing to see.
🗣 DISCLAIMER: I geek out watching dogs learn, which you’ll hear if you watch with the volume on…sorry, not sorry.

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⚡️If it’s too good to be true it usually is...and a lot of dog training curriculums are like multi level marketing schemes...you get blamed for not ‘working the system’ properly if you can’t get further along.

💩 Clearly, this is a bullshit position, a bullshit mindset...

🚫 If you’re doing the work and continue hitting a sticking point - and your dogs performance is not improving - it’s probably not an optimal path.

🙏 So, if you’re gullible, don’t make the further mistake of being inflexible.

🚨 Gullible + inflexible is a HORRIBLE place to be with your dog.

🧠 So if that’s you, it’s time to open your mind.

💥 New ideas, new methods, new thinking.

💪 Get proactive, and make change happen for you and your dog.

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⚠️ Being dragged along the street on a walk around the block is a frustrating reality for a great many dog owners.

😭 Many folks simply reconcile themselves to this always being the case, whilst others justify this behaviour based on a dog’s breed, history, or the fact that they feel they’ve ‘tried everything’.

🛠 Some dog owners simply look to using some piece of new equipment for the answer, and may experience success for a short period before things return to their previous state.

💥 Loose leash walking prove to be an elusive goal for many dog owners, and for many dogs there’s a strong connection between pulling on the leash and engaging in problem behaviour.

🧠 One thing is for sure – if your dog pulls on the leash, he’s not going to learn to behave differently unless you teach him to do so!

🧱 By building your dog’s understanding of the individual pieces of the end result you’re seeking, you too can be that person that proudly walks your dog down the street on a loose leash.

👍 This workshop will focus on a teaching a framework that has been used with profound success by our clients for many years – even for those dogs with well established pulling behaviour.

🎟 Grab your ticket now via the Events link in our bio, or just go to our website and click on the Events tab.

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🧠 As a true dog nerd, I really dig this footage from a session with Boogie that I did a couple of days ago.

🎥 I thought we’d do something a little different with this video.

🗣 Rather than me tell you what I like so much about it, I’d listen to what you guys have to say.

👀 Simply watch the footage (you’ll need the sound on) and share what you like about it in the comments below…I’ll run this mini contest for the next 24hrs.

🏆 I’ll pick the best breakdown of what you dig about the footage and post out a clicker and kick ass hand made wrist strap to match as a prize, valued at $30…but only to an Australian address.

😭 There are a lot of folks that follow this page are pro dog trainers, so whilst you’re very welcome to share an answer know that you’re not in the running for the prize.

😂 Harsh, but fair!

📆 I’ll come back and add a couple of points below about what I dig so much in the clip, after folks have had a chance to have a crack.

UPDATE: Thanks for the responses guys.

The winner is @boss_ari_boss via our IG channel - his comment seemed to me to be a very succinct response. Ari and I are mates, though he’s not a dog trainer…he’s into horses.

My next favourite response was from @Erik Van Vulpen on our FB page - I thought his breakdown was pretty slick.

Accordingly I’m going to post out a clicker and lanyard to both of these folks - it seems the fairest solution. •
For those of you that commented and/or shared the post, thanks for playing. For those that won, please message on the platform you commented on with postal details.

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