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🧰 A muzzle is an important part of a K9 handler’s kit. Dogs working in many types of K9 roles need to be comfortable wearing a muzzle.⁣

⚠️ It helps to keep those in close contact with the dog safe from a live bite, and to help manage the dog.⁣

💭 As an example, if the dog is to board a helicopter, jump out of a plane, or need to move through a heavily populated area that is very dynamic, then the muzzle can be a great go to choice.

👊 Muzzles can also be used as an offensive implement by the dog when trying to subdue a bad guy - there are muzzles made with metal bars along the front of the nose section, and they pack a real punch.⁣

🎥 This is a short clip taken last week of Boogie and I doing some muzzle familiarisation.⁣

⏰ We’re now starting to get some good duration in this, exercise and it’s a nice stable situation. ⁣
⁣ 🏋️‍♀️ I’ll be progressing to actually fitting the muzzle in the next week’s training.⁣

🧠 For those of you that are pet owners, teaching a dog to wear a muzzle is a great exercise with a ton of potential to be useful in the real world.⁣

💪 If enough of you hit me up in the comments below I’ll consider putting together a tutorial video on some pro tips about how you can condition your dog to wear a muzzle - even if you can’t afford to buy one.⁣

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🧠 Not a lot will show and teach you more about your dog than helping them acquire a new skill.⁣

🤪 It’s also a ton of fun.⁣

🥽 Given Boogie’s intended future role, it’s really likely that he’s going to have to wear eye protection.⁣

🥇 This is our very first session introducing these #rexspecs to him.⁣

💭 If I was to offer coaching to someone that provided me this footage, I’d have suggested to end the session much earlier - it’s the first exposure, and there is always more time.⁣

💪 I pushed it a little further than I normally would because he just kept giving me a little more…this is one of those calls that you can really only make well if you know your dog well, and you spend a ton of time training him.⁣

🎯 This is one of those exercises that we do with an eventual end goal of producing habituation - and eventually a completely neutral emotional association with the equipment and it’s fitting.⁣

🎾 Down the line a ways Boogie has to do more than just wear these goggles though - he has to function in them doing a variety of tasks, with zero thought to the fact he has them on.⁣

🎯 I’ll be playing with a bunch of scenarios and training options for how to keep the progression to our end goal, but for right now this session shows our work is right on track.⁣

👀 For those interested in viewing the full session, head on over to our YouTube channel via the link in our bio.⁣

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