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We help people and dogs achieve more, together.

Puppy Training & Development

Maximise your puppy's potential - get quality coaching from highly experienced and qualified pros.

Pet Dog Training

Pet Dog Training

Tailored training solutions with world class coaching and assistance. Achieve your goals ASAP.

Dog Training Workshop Melbourne Australia

Seminars & Workshops

Get ahead of the game and feed your brain with tons of great programs on offer to build your 'dog smarts'.

Behavioural Consults

CSI is highly experienced at helping folks just like you to find long term, sustainable solutions to benefit you and your dog.

Specialised training for sporting and professional dogs

Performance & Professional Dogs

We can help you test, select, develop, train and polish dogs for all manner of specialist outcomes.

In home dog training consults

In-home Consults

Some issues need in-home evaluation and assistance. We can come to you and get you and your dog back on track to success.

What we do

Problem behaviour? We help folks like you find solutions.

Aggressive Behaviour

This can be problematic or dangerous to humans, other animals, you, or even your dog - it could even wind up in Court.

Leash Manners

Does your dog walk you? Ditch the dog-walking drama and bring the joy back to your walks with your dog.

A reliable recall is perhaps the most important skill your dog will learn

Recall Issues

Teach your dog to come when called - it's an essential skill for any dog, and helps keep him safe in the world.


From dirty suit pants to pushing kids over, this is a common problem that won't go away on it's own.

Destructive Behaviour

Chewing, digging, scratching, etc. It can be really frustrating for you, or even dangerous for your dog.

Predatory Behaviour

Chasing, bothering or even catching other animals. Often leads to repetitive behaviour.

House Manners

End the ‘naughty dog’ embarrassment - promote better behaviour around you or guests in the home.

Resource Guarding

Learn how to change the way your dog feels (and behaves) about you being around it's favourite things.

Dog Won't Listen

If you don't train it, he won't do it. Learn to motivate your dog to a happier, more reliable performance.

Our Training Philosophy

Some of the reasons working with CSI is a smart choice:

Education & Development

We’re always learning and studying to provide our clients top-notch advice and coaching.

Experienced & Respected

After operating at a high level for many years, CSI has earned a trusted reputation you can rely on.

Open Minded

We avoid making prejudgements about what is best for you and your dog - anything else just wouldn't be professional.

Extensive Network

It's a team effort - if we need to involve other pros to get you moving we know just who to call for you.

Flexible Approach

We help you set goals and milestones, but how we get there is completely flexible.


16+ years of committed professionalism means we're all about helping you and your dog.

Our Process: How We Work With You

6 Simple Steps To Realising Your Training Goals

Evaluate the situation

First we need to gather information to help us know what's most important and where to begin.

Analyse team dynamics

You, your dog, and your teamwork: All three play a role in setting realistic training milestones.

Form a working understanding

Now we know your team better, now we can look at setting goals.

Create an Action Plan

This breaks down the steps we need to take - how to reach milestones, and realise goals.

Coaching - Achieving Your Goals

Let's start working that Action Plan - teamwork makes the dream work!

Support you towards success

You'll hit speed bumps, you'll have better weeks than others - but we'll coach you through it.

4 Important Reasons Why Our Clients Are Different

We help all types of folks chasing all types of training goals with their dogs...

Ultimate Family Companion

Those that want to do their part to create the ultimate family companion.

The Aspirers

The folks that have high goals, and will do what it takes to achieve them.

The Frustrated

They're at their wits end, and just need some help and inspiration to succeed.

The Dog Geeks

Mad about dogs and dog training - we get it, we are too!

The Realists

They don't need perfection, but what they have ain't working.

The Helpers

Their dog isn't in the best place - and they aim to change that reality.

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