Book A Call

Before You Book Your Call

This is a two step process - let's get started.

Step One: Book Your Call

The purpose of these calls is to help give you some direction as to which of our services may be a good fit for you and your dog.

Our booking system is easy to navigate, and will generate a confirmation email with specific details – reading these emails is important, as they contain important information.

You’ll also receive some system generated reminders as the day and time of your call draws near.

Please be sure to take your call in a place that is conducive to good sound quality, and an undistracted conversation.

Step Two: The Pre-Call Form

After you’ve booked the time/day of your call you’ll need to fill out the Pre-Call Form.

This form is how we prepare for our conversation, and will form the basis our conversation.  The better quality the info you provide is, the better chance we have of meeting your needs.

Do keep in mind that this call is not a vehicle for us to provide you solutions to training issues, or similar. We can’t ethically provide that kind of advice to folks we don’t work with, about dogs we’ve never met.

In certain situations an email reply may prove to be more appropriate – this can provide us the ability to offer you more significant information including resourcing, links, video, etc.

Step One: Select a time for us to call you: