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What is Competence?

Competence: it’s the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Many folks DO find their dogs hard to train – it’s a massive pain in the ass for them, neither the dog or the human enjoy the process…and success continues to elude them. As a pro dog trainer I often hear the phrase “I’ve tried everything…” from these folks. Its …

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Noodles in training

Yesterday I met and worked with this little oodle named…Noodle. From little things (including Noodles), big things grow… Here are some pics of Noodle learning the beginnings of so much – engagement, heel work, loose leash walking…the list goes on. We also formed a training plan, did some coaching around management, toilet training, and worked on the foundation of a …

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Dog Bite Prevention – CSI makes front page of Huffington Post

Our own Brad Griggs was featured heavily in this article which made front page of the weekend feature of the Huffington Post. Click here and it will take you to the story as published in the Huffington Post, as authored by Douglas Anthony Cooper. Neither the author of this blog or CSI own the story below, which is shared here for your …

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