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Live Facebook Q&A with Pets Haven Animal Shelter – November 6th 2014



Our own Brad Griggs of Canine Services International will be doing a live Facebook Q & A session on the Pets Haven Animal Shelter Facebook page on 6th November 2014 between 7 -8PM (Melbourne daylight savings time).

We were really happy to be asked, and we think it’s a terrific idea – it gives us a superb opportunity to be of some help to a diverse bunch of folks with a diverse bunch of dogs.

Though you can never really tell exactly what to expect with stuff like this, we are expecting (and hoping) that we will be able to offer some insight and/or advice to some of the many rescue dogs that Pets Haven have played a role in giving a second (or third, or fourth…) start.

So tune in on the night of 6th November 2014 and ask your questions – we will reply to as many as we can in the hour, and if it goes well this may even become a more regular thing.

Check out the links below to both FB pages:

The Canine Services International Facebook Page

The Pets Haven Animal Shelter Facebook Page