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  • Jackie Abikhair
    Jackie Abikhair
    Head Trainer - AbiK9

    Jackie Abikhair is a highly experienced dog trainer with a strong history of working in the scent discrimination and detection field, both here in Australia and abroad.

    Jackie has been involved in multiple areas of scent detection, from recreational Nosework to competitive sports and working applications.

    Jackie uses a highly successful system that systematically builds drive and motivation to search in even the most sensitive of dogs, all while shaping the focused response (freeze-alert) at source.

    Away from dog training Jackie is a proud mother, and is the owner of a working line GSD named Tatoe.


CSI Training Center
1/5 Wadhurst Drive, Boronia VIC 3155
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28 Mar 2020 - 29 Mar 2020


9:00 am - 4:00 pm





Scent Work Workshop with Jackie Abikhair


Are you interested in learning about the wonderful world of scent work?

Jackie has been involved in multiple areas of scent detection, from recreational Nosework to competitive sports and working applications, and is an accomplished author:

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Jackie uses a system that systematically builds drive and motivation to search in even the most sensitive of dogs, all while shaping the focused response (freeze-alert) at source.

The majority of this two-day seminar will be spent working dogs, with some time each day dedicated to covering the theoretical aspects of detection.

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is ideal for any and all dogs and handlers interested in furthering their understanding and ability relating to canine olfaction the practicalities of teaching scent detection, and is particularly suited to green dogs.

Topics to be covered:

  • Building drive and motivation to hunt and search
  • Introducing multiple target odours
  • Teaching and maintaining the focused response at source
  • Handling skills for an efficient detection team
  • The importance of a pre-search cueing ritual, and how to establish one
  • The theory, pros and cons of the more popular Nosework/Detection training systems
  • The nuances of handling through different elements (search areas), with varying numbers of hides
  • How to shape a search pattern through intelligent reward/hide placement
  • The utilization of a marker, and the importance of reward orientation
  • And much more!


Tea, coffee and light morning and afternoon tea will be provided and there are a wide number of restaurants and shops available in close proximity to the seminar venue.

Working places for dogs:

If you wish to apply to bring your dog with you to participate on the day, please read this information carefully.

Working dog vacancies for this seminar are limited to ensure sufficient exposure for each dog training.

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Due to the nature of the event and the volume of dogs attending, it will be necessary that all dogs confirmed as attending shall be crated and on leash at all times unless expressly directed by seminar staff and/or their agents.

Any dog whose behaviour is deemed by event staff to constitute a disturbance or risk to the learning environment or attendees may be asked to leave the training area, or be disallowed to continue attendance at the event.

Any dog handler failing to follow express direction of seminar staff and/or their agents may be prevented from participating in the practical components with their dog, and/or asked to leave the event without recourse of refund or compensation.

All applications for working spots are decided based upon the information provided in this application, and all decisions in this regard are considered final. No further correspondence will be entered into.

The wellbeing and welfare of dogs attending is the sole responsibility of that dogs owner/handler, and this responsibility cannot be delegated to a third party.

All dogs must without exception attend the event with valid C3 vaccination or equivalent on the day, and present this to staff prior to commencement, as a condition of entering the event venue.

Those bringing dogs are required to provide any and all equipment and/or supplies to facilitate their dogs participation, including any food and water requirements.

As an applicant you acknowledge that failure to provide accurate information about your dogs personality and/or behaviour in this application may put yourself, your dog, or other humans at risk.

Those participating with dogs may be required to sign an Disclaimer document before commencing their participation.