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Foundation for Human Canine Interaction


  • Brad Griggs
    Brad Griggs
    Educator | Presenter | Dog Trainer | Student Of The Dog

    With over 17 years of professional experience, Brad Griggs is a highly respected Australian dog trainer with a wide array of experience in some highly specialised areas of dog training and canine behaviour.

    Although dog training is his craft and his profession, it also remains his passion.

    Throughout his career Brad has been a lover of working dogs, and currently owns two Belgian Malinois – Kana (9yo) and Snap (2yo).


CSI Training Center
1/5 Wadhurst Drive, Boronia VIC 3155
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13 Sep 2019


6:30 am - 9:30 pm



Prey For Performance

Event Overview:

Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your dog’s training?

Does it seem like your dog is bored with basic commands, stale with the routines you use?

Perhaps you feel like there is untapped potential in your dog’s performances?

The first place to start looking in these situations is at the way you pay your dog.

The better the quality of the reward system you use, the stronger the behaviours you can build with them.

The greater the reward value, the greater the consequence when you withhold that from the dog.

This workshop is focussed on building stronger rewards into your dog’s existing training, to help to take you from mild to wild…or beyond.

With a small theory component delivered to support a predominantly practical curriculum, this event will allow you to see the concepts and principles of building better rewards in action.

A limited number of training spots are open for folks to bring their dogs along, and you should feel free to apply for one.

Key points covered:

  • Assessing the current perceived value of the reward system you use with your dog
  • Evaluate if other means can be used to deliver greater value
  • Changing up the ‘ritual of reward’ to create greater engagement and investment
  • Avoiding common pitfalls when introducing prey based motivation to your reward system
  • Applying the above into your dog training

Who is this event for:

  • Dog owners
  • Dog trainers
  • Student dog trainers
  • Obedience trial competitors

What to bring:

  • Gear to take notes
  • Your dog (for those approved)
  • A willingness to engage and learn

Note to attendees:

Our indoor training venue is very large, and it can be chilly during winter months – please plan accordingly.