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Foundation for Human Canine Interaction


  • Brad Griggs
    Brad Griggs
    Educator | Presenter | Dog Trainer | Student Of The Dog

    With over 17 years of professional experience, Brad Griggs is a highly respected Australian dog trainer with a wide array of experience in some highly specialised areas of dog training and canine behaviour.

    Although dog training is his craft and his profession, it also remains his passion.

    Throughout his career Brad has been a lover of working dogs, and currently owns two Belgian Malinois – Kana (9yo) and Snap (2yo).


CSI Training Center
1/5 Wadhurst Drive, Boronia VIC 3155
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02 Feb 2020


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Loose Leash Masterclass

⚠️ Being dragged along the street on a walk around the block is a frustrating reality for a great many dog owners.

😭 Many folks simply reconcile themselves to this always being the case, whilst others justify this behaviour based on a dog’s breed, history, or the fact that they feel they’ve ‘tried everything’.

🛠 Some dog owners simply look to using some piece of new equipment for the answer, and may experience success for a short period before things return to their previous state.

💥 Loose leash walking prove to be an elusive goal for many dog owners, and for many dogs there’s a strong connection between pulling on the leash and engaging in problem behaviour.

🧠 One thing is for sure – if your dog pulls on the leash, he’s not going to learn to behave differently unless you teach him to do so!

🧱 By building your dog’s understanding of the individual pieces of the end result you’re seeking, you too can be that person that proudly walks your dog down the street on a loose leash.

👍 This workshop will focus on a teaching a framework that has been used with profound success by our clients for many years – even for those dogs with well established pulling behaviour.

NB: Purchasing a ticket to this event does not permit you to bring your dog. There will be a small number of dogs participating in the practical aspects of the event, but they will attend by invitation only.

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