Puppy Training & Development

Brad training husky puppy 2012

Reach your puppy’s potential and create a bombproof adult dog.

Our clients make rapid progress and achieve results with their puppy training 7 days a week.  How do they make this happen? We show them how to create puppy training opportunities as part of every day life.

This means that our clients train their puppies smarter – the time and effort they invest has a much greater effect.  For those prepared to train their puppy smarter and  more often the results are even more pronounced.

Our curriculum focusses on sharing skills and creating understanding in the owner so that the puppy training and development process is more successful.  Instead of just teaching you a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to puppy training we focus on teaching you how to train your individual dog in a way that will best advantage him, as an individual.

Our puppy development programs have consistently produced stellar results for both dogs and owners.  They have been developed from over a decade of professional experience developing puppies for a wide variety of roles, outcomes and applications.

Whether you want a top notch pet dog, competition dog or a service type dog for professional application we can help you and your dog to achieve your puppy training and puppy development goals including:

  • A more social and confident puppy
  • A smarter puppy that understands how to learn
  • A puppy that is easier to motivate and manage
  • A more self assured, relaxed and expressive puppy
  • A puppy that is environmentally sound
  • A puppy that is truly prepared for the rigours of modern life


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Create a bombproof dog

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