Performance Dogs

Brad Griggs teaching a class about reactive dogs

Canine Services International possess the correct understanding is and skill set  to help you develop your dogs capacity, capability and confidence – regardless of which performance or professional outcomes you are seeking, we’ve got you covered.

Canine Services International offer a wide range of services for those seeking  professional or performance based training outcomes. Whether you wish to compete with your dog in a dog sport curriculum, or if you are seeking a dog for a law enforcement  or other professional role, we are  suitably qualified and experienced to offer you the specialised advice, training and associated services you require.

Yerkes Dodson Curve Stress

Creating dogs that are capable of performing at a high level requires specialist understanding of  how genetics, environment, learning, instinct and maturity interact. Where this performance is attached to training outcomes for professional purposes such as law enforcement or service work there are further considerations that need to be made.

The process of training a dog for professional applications begins with appropriate selection,  and where a pup is being sourced this is essentially based on the genetic background of the dog in question as well as quality of the pup itself.  In the case of a pup careful attention must be paid to the development and constant progression of that pup towards the eventual desired training criteria.


Whether dealing with puppies,  young dogs, green dogs, novice dogs or problem solving with highly trained dogs, Canine Services International represent an intelligent and informed choice for those concerned with creating performance based and/or professional outcomes.

Canine Services International are also able to provide seminars and workshops to suit your group’s specific working, sporting and service dog needs.  We are long term Specialist Instructors for the NDTF and teach over 150 dog trainers per year about subjects including advanced obedience, obedience problem solving, aggression, fear and dominance, temperament assessment, etc

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