Seeuferhause are an Australian working Rottweiler kennel based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Seeuferhause deeply believes in the worth of the Rottweiler as a working dog, and accordingly they breed to produce robust working temperaments in their dogs, coupled together with a sound, functional anatomy to enable their dogs to excel in their working roles.

Seeuferhause has developed a fantastic name in the working Rottweiler community throughout Australia and are reliably producing dogs of high merit – an achievement many in the Australian Rottweiler community can only aspire to.



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Killing and Euthanasia have completely different definitions in the dictionary.

No Kill Nation (NKN) is an animal welfare education and information hub, striving to support implementation of compassionate, common sense measures to reduce the killing of animals in the traditional pound/shelter system.  NKN support the 11 programs that form the skeleton of the No Kill Equation.