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RIP Diesel

This is very sad news to share with you – very close to our hearts. Many of you that have followed along Snap’s journey will know of her ‘boyfriend’ Diesel. Outside of Kana and myself, Diesel and Kim were Snap’s closest and most adored friends. Diesel was 10yo, and was suffering from some serious health concerns. Though he was mentally …

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3 words that will define you as a dog owner for this coming year.

It’s a simple question, but it requires some deep thought. How will those 3 words honour your responsibilities to your dog, the community, and your family unit? What do the actions that underpin the statement of these 3 words look like? What is ‘step one’ for each of these actions then become, and when will you start? So a simple …

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What is Competence?

Competence: it’s the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Many folks DO find their dogs hard to train – it’s a massive pain in the ass for them, neither the dog or the human enjoy the process…and success continues to elude them. As a pro dog trainer I often hear the phrase “I’ve tried everything…” from these folks. Its …

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Listen to your dog

Dogs don’t lie. Normal, healthy dogs never send the wrong message. We can read what they’re saying incorrectly, out of context, or incompletely. It’s easily enough done though – just as familiarity can breed contempt, it can make us blind to obvious messages. Sometimes all this is needed is a set of fresh eyes and a willingness to receive the …

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Get up and GO!

You’ve done some great training with your dog this year. 🎱 Over the festive season though (and perhaps before) you’ve dropped the ball, let things slide. 👀 You’ve recognised it, identified that you just need to make a start again, and put in the reps and effort. 🧭 You didn’t come this far to only come this far. 🥳 Forget …

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Noodles in training

Yesterday I met and worked with this little oodle named…Noodle. From little things (including Noodles), big things grow… Here are some pics of Noodle learning the beginnings of so much – engagement, heel work, loose leash walking…the list goes on. We also formed a training plan, did some coaching around management, toilet training, and worked on the foundation of a …

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