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What is Competence?

Competence: it’s the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

Many folks DO find their dogs hard to train – it’s a massive pain in the ass for them, neither the dog or the human enjoy the process…and success continues to elude them.

As a pro dog trainer I often hear the phrase “I’ve tried everything…” from these folks.

Its often true that these folks have looked for some solutions – but in almost all cases they haven’t addressed the single most pivotal factor…their own competency.

In the process of investing in growing their own competence these folks learn a LOT – about their dog, and most often also about themselves.

Soon after starting this journey these dog owners also start to see why their previous efforts had been so frustrating and full of failure.

They see why the BS dog whisperer billing a ‘one visit wonder session’ didn’t help.

They see why that YouTube video they watched called “how to stop ANY DOG pulling on the leash…forever” was never going to work for them.

It becomes apparent that their 3rd cousin’s advice about how to deal with their dogs problem behaviour was never going to contribute to success for them and their dog.

Perhaps the single most important realisation these good folks make is that THEY CAN DO WAY MORE than what they ever believed they were capable of!

When dog owners invest in their own COMPETENCY their CONFIDENCE also skyrockets 🚀.

So get after it guys! Chase down competency…it’s very empowering, and it’s the first step in getting you to where you need to be with your dogs training.