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The genetic “OFF SWITCH”.

For the most part you hear about folks talking about a genetic ‘off switch’ in working dogs.

Again for the most part, what you’ll most often hear about that ‘off switch’ is BS.

With the exception of VERY FEW dogs, the ‘off switch’ is about smart training and conditioning.

Yes, genetics play a role…BUT…for the most part most folks fail to recognise the ability to be able to contextualise ON and OFF.

Breeders with little knowledge of how to train and develop talk about it as though they’ve pulled off some genetic engineering feat.

The truth is that in the VAST majority of cases – and barring a few Tier-quality individuals – an OFF switch is easily conditioned and taught.

Before you can teach the OFF, you need to be able to shape the ON.

For novice developers of dogs this is a really tricky distinction – and accommodating personalities can be very tricky.

Most dogs have an OFF switch easily accessible.

Building one isn’t dependant on some genetic superstardom.

Understanding your dog, some basic learning theory, and the power of context provides most of the answers.

If you have problems with the rest of equation – by all means, reach out to us!