Pets Haven Live Q&A |Exclusive Training Promotion 2014

CSI brings you the Total Access Program


    Bring out your dog’s “Inner Winner” – give him a chance to live up to his potential.    


To celebrate the Live Facebook Q&A that we have just done for the Pets Haven FB fans we have decided to put together a special offer that will allow those of you out there that want a better trained, more adaptable dog to realise that goal

CSI are only offering this package to our existing clients, and Pets Haven FB Fans. This level of access to specialist help is completely unprecedented, and is not an opportunity to be wasted.  Add to this the fact that training with CSI has never been more affordable, and probably never will be again.


We are offering an exclusive discount of up to 66%


Choose what you want to work on, and what you want to achieve!
The choice is yours about what you want to work on.If your dog has a lot of issues to get through we can almost certainly get some real momentum over this intensive 6 week period.

An initial consult of up to 90 minutes
During this personal consultation we will get to know you and your dog, and help you to identify a number of goals.  Further to this, with a better understanding of your dog we will help you formulate a plan to work towards making those goals a reality.

When we know what makes your dogs tick, where we need to start, what are our milestones for success, and where we want to head, it makes the process so much easier.

Up to 18 individual, personalised training sessions
Program participants will be able to access up to 3 sessions per week over a period of up to 6 weeks. Length of these sessions varies from dog to dog and depends upon a large number of factors. 40 minutes forming a good average to plan for.

More than talk, this is about ACTION!
More than just a training talk, this whole Program is about helping you get fired up to succeed with your dog.

If you have failed before, then here is your chance to make training work for your dog on the second (or third, or fourth) time around.

Train at our purpose designed facility
CSI maintain an office at a purpose built boarding and training establishment in Melbourne’s outer South East.  We are around 40 minutes easy drive from the city.

But we also want you to come to our home. Can we make that happen?
Absolutely, there are also options available to include one or more home visits into your Total Access Program. Email us for further details.

What if my goals are quite ambitious?
Great – we love your attitude!

Of course, we can’t work on an advanced level off leash heel without the basics, and we need to teach the dogs the right steps to get them to where they need to go in a way that makes the learning as clear and easy as possible for them (and you).

6 weeks is a heck of a long time when you work smart and hard at teaching your dog new skills, and new understandings.

    SERIOUSLY? That’s just what my dog and I need – let’s get cracking!    

My dog has some behavioural issues, and/or emotional problems – is this offer for me?
More than likely – we work with all sorts of dogs.  This offer is not just limited to training issues, it can provide you with access to behavioural modification help too.

CSI have a national reputation for dealing with dogs that many consider to have serious problems.  We frequently oversee VCAT or Council mandated training programs with dogs that have been involved in a variety of incidents.

If your dog is medicated for certain reasons then he may not be suitable, but if your dog’s particular issues are in some way unsuited to participating then we will let you know during our initial consult. In this unlikely event we would simply charge you for the consult and refund the remaining balance of the Program.

See how easy that is?

What if my dog is of a ‘certain breed’ or ‘physical type’?
No problems guys – all breeds are welcome: you won’t find any of that small minded bigoted thinking here.

All of this for as little as $55 per session.


So how much does all this Program cost?
Great question.  There are two options:

Option A – Pay up front:

One super low payment of $990 covers the cost of the entire program, and is payable by EFT or cash.

Option B – Payment Plan:

$1097 (4 x payments of $274.25)

A deposit of $$274.25 is necessary to secure your place on the course, followed by three more payment of $274.25 will be required, each a fortnight apart.

You will also have to formally commit to a payment plan, and there is a small extra charge applied so that Paypal will handle the payments.

It sounds pretty darn amazing! How do I sign up for this?
Simply click on the button below and send us an email.  From there we will organise a phone call with you to sort out the details.

    Sign me up – I know value when I see it!    

This offer is only available to Pets Haven FB fans (and our current clients) and is valid strictly between 6th November 2014 and 13 November 2014.

Are there any catches?
Just one. We reserve the right to refuse or allow access to the program strictly at our discretion.  We don’t think this is very likely, but we have to be cool with your intentions, and comfortable that your expectations are realistic, responsible and ethical.