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A message of gratitude for the 2014 festive season.


2014 is now quickly drawing to a close, though not before the festive season is done and dusted.

I put together this quick video (after many failed takes I may add) to try and formally thank those that made our amazing 2014 possible – namely our amazing clients, the indispensable folks that make up Team CSI, and also our friends, family and supporters.

This past year has seen us completely pass many professional milestones and realise a great number of business goals.  Of course now that we are heading into 2015 we have been able to set some very significant and lofty goals for the year ahead.  I we continue the success and momentum that we have worked so hard for into the next 12 mo. we will almost certainly realise these goals – and that feels amazing say with such conviction!

With the vast majority of our business coming from referrals by either clients or from within the dog training and behaviour industry itself, CSI certainly has a heck of a lot to thank our clients and supporters for.  Of course, without the amazing Team that we have it wouldn’t be possible to meet and exceed the expectations of those referred to us – so it’s not really possible to thank one group without the other.

To our clients – you make us proud! Regardless of what your individual achievements were this year so many of you realised profound success, and every single one of you realised improvements in your dog/s that are direct reflections of the commitment and effort you invested.  Of that you have every right to feel proud.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of the Team, thanks for everything guys – we really appreciate you.

Have a safe, joy filled, prosperous festive season, and we hope you join us in knocking 2015 out of the park!

Much love,

Brad Griggs